Joker123 5 Dragons

The free spin function in 5 dragons is one of the functions triggered by getting bonus symbols anywhere in reels 1, 2 and 3. This is not my favorite concept, because I prefer the "scatter everywhere" method. But this is similar to the 50 dragons and 50 lions are fair.


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As mentioned above for QOTN 2 and Lucky 88 (both available online), you can choose the number of rotations you want, and there may be 3 different wins per win when there is a "wild" symbol in the win. Multiplier. combination. You can "low risk" and choose 25 free spins, using 2x, 3x or 5x multipliers (randomly at each rotation) or on the other end of the scale, with 10 free spins, 10x, 15x or 30x multipliers.

This actually allows players to set the level of risk they are most familiar with (often called "volatility" or "difference"). Obviously, the fewer free spins you choose, the lower the chances of winning, but if you hit it, it may be bigger. If you have a good money, it would be better, but if not, then the 5 dragons can eat your money faster than you say "Arthur! Kill b * st * rd!".

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