Live22 outlaw gunslinger

The belt and the six-shot shooter are a scattering symbol. When it stops on two reels, the tension gradually increases and the right reel is hit and broken until it stops. If there is a third distraction in the field of view when stopped, the player will get a free spin.

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Live22 Paris Of The East

This is certainly not a typical Chinese-themed online casino slot machine, as most seem to be set farther in the past, so this is a nice change to see more of the latest characters popping this game, paying higher from the left to The value wins when the payline is logged in uninterrupted order. At the top of the odds table, there is a beautiful singer. When she is on the 1 and 2 reels, her value is 3 times the line bet, and the woman's entire line won 80 times the coin victory.


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Resurrection Dragon

Most of the symbols are rich in gold, in stark contrast to the red flame, making the dragon's resurrection video slot very elegant. Even the poker symbols are gold, and when K or A appears, when 10 or J stops on 3, 4 and 5 reels, even the 10x, 25x and 250x line bets have a reward range of 20x, 75x and 500x. .

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Live22 Phantom Island

All symbols are related to the pirate theme. There are about two groups, starting with inanimate objects such as pistols, cannons and poison bottles, and then filling the ship's character will return a higher victory.


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Live22 Mystery Lake of Tail

Not only can anyone come here to learn the secrets of fishing from the old fisherman, you have to put your hands in your pocket for his many years of experience.

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