Live22 Mystery Lake of Tail

Not only can anyone come here to learn the secrets of fishing from the old fisherman, you have to put your hands in your pocket for his many years of experience.

Live22 Lucky Angler

Lucky Angler has 3 rows of 5 reels and 15 fixed betting lines for players to bet. Sticky Wilds and Scarters are the winning features in this slot, but large payments in Free Spin mode are also possible.

Live22 Ocean Trouble

Dark blue creatures seem to have problems. This is correct, this is the "Ocean Trouble" slot that includes friendly dolphins, turtles, jelly fish and seahorses with evil sharks, angry octopus, average puffer fish and sneaky lobster.

Wild Africa

Play Wild Africa Slot and experience beautiful slot machines for free! With very detailed art and animation, it can only be seen on the real slot machines of the best casinos!

Live22 Midnight Carnival

This travel carnival has a long history throughout the United States, offering a variety of recreational activities - rides, booths, shows and freak performances. Wrestling is just one of many acts that are sought by viewers who are escaping from reality in their daily lives.