Mega888 Silent Samurai

This 5-axis, 25 payline slot offers 8 free spins and super bonus games for even higher wins.

Experience ancient Asia in this amazing 6-axis game and get 2x, 4x or even 6x wins on the last reel!

Enjoy spectacular dragon games, expand wildness, symbolic battles and 10 free spins.

Mega888 Laura

The Epic Women - Laura From Tomb Raider are here to help you get the Jackpot from Mega888!

Mega888 Roulette 24

24 numbers system is one of the most popular systems according to the user’s opinions. And such system can be applied in different variants, but the general principle is single for all – the bet should be made on a dozen.

Mega888 Kimochi

For those who like to gamble, kimochi's game is perfect. The game is gambling in the most unusual way: the game is created on the word "kimochi", which represents the pleasure of Japanese.
For those who love Japanese culture, Kimochi is a habitual vocabulary that allows you to enjoy the Japanese male lifestyle. Well, if you rotate the 5 reels of this 9-payline slot machine in the right way, the 9 line slots are actually a perfectly reasonable extension of the three-volume image per reel layout, almost exclusively for slot machine layouts for decades.

Mega888 Roulette 73

A brand new fantasy wheel 73 represents the revival of a wheel-based game. Modified and improved numbers and their sequence layout, more betting options, higher bonuses, better chances of winning... all these advantages make the Roulette 73TM popular in the player's game.