The Bars and Sevens game is a good example of a traditional video slot machine. There are no extra features and it will only distract you. The slot machine has 5 reels, 10 configurable paylines, and a set of typical video slot game symbols. This is reflected in the title of the game, as Bars and Sevens mostly use icons depicting the number 7 and the word "BAR".


In this game, every rotation of the reels can bring you up to 5000 in revenue. The rules of the slot machine are quite simple and easy to learn, and are very attractive to both novice and experienced gamblers. The slot machine also has a scatter symbol, which is independent of your payline configuration and can increase your total bet by up to 100 times.Bars and Sevens (2).png - 1.71 MBBars and Sevens (3).png - 1.63 MBBars and Sevens.png - 1.77 MB