Beach Holidays is located on one of the best white sandy beaches in the world. It takes you to enjoy a full holiday, relax and soak up the sun. Admire the beautiful scenery from comfortable sun loungers, revealing the pristine sandy beach surrounded by crystal blue waters that stretch for miles. You can wave your hand to a beautiful cocktail girl who can order freshly squeezed cocktails around the clock, who are at a loss waiting for all the tourists to arrive on the island. The ladies among you also have some eye-catching candies. A handsome lifeguard wore a red vest patrolling the beach, showing off his bulging biceps and toned body.

As you can see when looking at the paytable, there are 12 colorful symbols on the sunny reels of Beach Holidays. The alphanumeric playing card symbols represent the least valuable symbols. Each symbol is designed in a fashionable style, with sweat beads clearly visible to further emphasize the heat of the surrounding environment. You can return your principal by entering a full line of 10, J or Q symbols, while the K and A symbols are slightly higher in value, up to 1.5 times your principal.

Fortunately, the remaining seven symbols are all related to the theme-and more valuable. Some mouth-watering delicacies represent the two highest-paid symbols of beach holidays. One is a bowl of ice cream that looks delicious, and the other is a delicious cocktail served with coconut. These treats not only help you calm down, but also increase your balance by up to 3 times your principal.

Find a group of seagulls flying overhead, you will collect up to 3.75 times the principal. Whenever you take a dip to cool down, you can offer the same amount when swimming with the swordfish fleet. When you are resting on the beach, gorgeous cocktail girls with flowers in their hair are always popular. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also provide the best drinks and increase your balance by up to 5 times the principal.

Whenever you play a beach holiday, there are some special symbols to pay attention to. The most powerful of these is the handsome lifeguard. In addition to saving weak swimmers from the water, they also provide expenditures worth up to 25 times your principal. He also stands for alternative wild symbols. The scatter symbol appears in the form of a beach ball and is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by a lifeguard. This value is as high as 100 times your principal, so you will hope to have enough funds to rebound.Beach Holidays (2).png - 3.10 MBBeach Holidays (3).png - 2.66 MBBeach Holidays (4).png - 2.90 MBBeach Holidays.png - 3.26 MB