Whether you play Double Bubble slot machines online or in a casino, the gameplay is the same. The player should visit the paytable and decide the number of paylines to bet and determine the bonus symbols to be landed. After that, return to the title page and select the coin size value to bet on each payline. Decide whether to enable automatic rotation, and then click the white "rotate" button on the right. Watch the reels spin on the screen, then stop from left to right and display any potential bonuses.

To win a jackpot of up to $80,000 in the Double Bubble slot machine, players need to place five Double Bubble wild symbols on the reels. This symbol rewards the player's bet for a substantial increase of 20,000 times. The Double Bubble wild symbol can replace all other symbols on the reels, except for the bonus bubble symbol. The bonus for 4 Double Bubble symbols is 500 times the player's original bet, while the bonus for 3 symbols is 100 times the original bet, and the bonus for 2 symbols is 20 times the original bet. This little soap bar symbol will definitely help players clean up the scrolls.

The second highest symbols in the Double Bubble are the Super Seven and Admiralty symbols. Place four of them on the reels, and the player will get 500 times the original bet. In Land Three, players can get 200 times the original bet.

Typically, players can place five soap bars on the reels and win an impressive 500 times the original bet. Considering that these soap symbols account for half of the game's icons, it is no wonder that the Double Bubble Slot is so popular among players.

Bubble Double (2).png - 1.61 MBBubble Double (3).png - 1.78 MBBubble Double (4).png - 2.17 MBBubble Double (5).png - 2.36 MBBubble Double (6).png - 2.19 MBBubble Double (7).png - 2.28 MBBubble Double (8).png - 1.98 MBBubble Double (9).png - 1.61 MBBubble Double.png - 1.80 MB