Robin Hood fans will love this exciting new slot machine from Playtech. Themed on the famous Nottinghamshire outlaw, this game features all the ingredients to wow adventure game enthusiasts. From Robin himself standing proud in his trademark green outfit to the stout Friar Tuck and the magnificent Maid Marion, all the famous outlaw faces can be found here.


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It seems that online casino players can’t get enough slot machines based on ancient Egypt. Popular Playtech developers have added another game featuring pyramids, all-seeing eyes, pharaohs and gods to their collection, the Egyptian era video slot machine Also joined in their scope. The reason why so many games pay attention to this topic has been lost in the passage of time, but when so many punters are looking for this type of slot machine, who can blame the developers for catering to the eager market? Of course not us, and certainly not when the game comes with features such as free spins, where all wins are tripled, and a special raffle round that allows players to walk through the Temple of Anubis to find lost treasures.

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Ancient Fortune Casino Casino is based on one of the most famous slot game themes, the ancient Egyptian theme. The developers hope to create a universe where slot players are in a state of exploration. Here, they can walk through temples and tombs hidden in the center of the desert. The background of the game is a huge stone wall. It is filled with hieroglyphs and is dynamically lit by two fireplaces at the bottom of the screen. Although this may not seem so attractive, the high-limit graphics and simple elements are enough to give you an impressive atmosphere.


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For centuries, the legendary treasures of the Aztec Empire have attracted explorers in the region. We cannot take you to find real precious metals, but when you play Aztec Gold Megaways slot machine, you can still find wealth. In this game, you can loot treasures in up to 117,649 different ways to win, and unlock bonus rounds in the process.


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Landing the beautiful witch on the paylines of reels 1 and 2 will get a prize equivalent to 10 times the line principal, and the maximum reward for the complete line is set to 5,000 times. The sinister black crow is also a high-odds icon. When it runs on all 5 reels, it returns 2,000 times the line bet, while potions and candles will pay 5 times to 750 times the line when they appear on the reels. Note.


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Attila the Hun’s empire may have stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Ural, Rhine, and Danube—but this did not stop him from conquering the world, killing all those who hindered him, and plundering their property. If you think you have the courage to fight Attila and his army-now is the time to prove it in Novomatic's epic online slot adventure "Attila". If you have the opportunity, you can get some very important prizes by killing archers and Huns, saving the sacred temple, or even killing Attila. For success, bonuses may also be awarded to you in the form of wild and scattered battles. These rewards will be awarded to the winner with free spins and multiple victories.


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Our Anaconda Wild slot machine review will take you to the ancient Mayan temple where a giant snake is gliding across the ground. This is a beautiful looking game from Playtech, they are known for the quality and visual appeal of their slot machines.


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