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How to play online casino in Malaysia or how to join win8.today ?

In Malay online gambling or betting we call Judi online, to join win8.today you must be 21 years old and above, have own bank account, have smartphone (android or iOS) or computer with internet access. Forget about ToTo jackpot, Magnum jackpot, Damacai jackpot and check 4D result, at Win8.Today Jackpot is just happen everyday every hour (check daily Cuci here). 

💡Tips: This article will guide you how to join, how to play online casino, how to top up, how to cash out, installation and Tips how to win.. Read more ....

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What casino games to play ?

We have all kind of casino games in the market, such as online slot game, roulette wheel online, baccarat (banker player), poker, blackjack, pai gow, pai gow poker, bingo, dice games, keno, craps, wheel of fortune, football betting, 4D, Sic Bo, Bull Bull (NiuNiu), Dragon Tiger.

We provide almost all local popular online casino games in Malaysia:

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All online casino suites above power-by world leading casino game supplier such as: NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, MicroGaming, IGT, AG Asia Gaming, Playtech, iBET, mybet88, Suncity .... So what casino game to play ? If you bet big and do not want to play with machine/computer bot then select live casino games, NTC33 or LPE88 or Pussy888 is suitable for you. If you like to play small and enjoy casino games and try your luck you may consider 918KISS download or SCR888 download, Mega888 apk, Pussy888 Apk or the new kid call XE88 (recently this XE88 is very popular due to is very similar to 918Kiss or some even call it alternative for 918Kiss or SCR888). 

💡Tips: We suggest you select the popular casino games such as 918kiss, scr888, mega888 for slot games and ntc33, lpe88, pussy888 for live table games, there must be some reasons why these games so popular in Malaysia, one of the reason perhaps the winning rate is higher among others 🙂.

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How to Top Up account ?

Before you can top up, you have to register a game ID (FREE). We accept local bank transfer, kindly ask for our bank information, once complete the transfer kindly send us the bank-in slip via live chat, whatsapp, telegram or wechat.

Min Top Up : RM30.00

Max Top Up : ∞ No Limit

Top Up Bonus Available



How to Cuci(cash out) ?

At Win8.Today cuci is really simple, MIN. cuci amount RM50.00 mean as long as your game credit have 50 or above you can cash out anytime, rollover apply if you take certain promotion.

We will instant transfer the cuci amount to your bank, same bank as you top up. Contact our 24/7 customer service for your Cuci request.

Min Cash Out : RM50.00

Max Cash Out : ∞ No Limit



Check CUCI of the day

At Win8.today jackpot, minor jackpot, major jackpot  happen every day every hour, you can check most of the daily CUCI / Cash out records here. Of cause we will cover the sensitive information such as account number, name ...to protect your privacy. check our reviews on google 

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Some tips for how to play how to win and help info.

How to win SCR888/918Kiss (slot machine) ?

Looking for tips how to win 918Kiss(SCR888) or jackpot SCR888 or 918kiss jackpot ? check this article cara menang 918kiss scr888, actually there are no simply way, however you can try the free test ID first, keep try your betting strategy before play with with real money online casino.

 Happy customer winning in win8.today

💡Tips: Try the popular games in SCR888 /918Kiss  as more people betting the change of jackpot drop will increase and try adjust betting amount according to trend, bet small at the beginning and keep monitor the balance, if keep increase then you may increase your betting otherwise decrease your bet when your balance keep dropping, I try this personally , sometime you can hit major jackpot with small amount. Good luck ya.

How to win roulette online game ?

There are one interested youtube intro online roulette strategy and claim that 100% sure win online roulette. Try it perhaps you can win big 🙂. Chat with our 24/7 customer service if you decide to play online roulette with real $.


💡Tips: You may win with this strategy only if the betting limit is high. As a operator we do not care individual winning in roulette as the RTP (return to player) rate setting on long run operator will win for sure.

How to play / win baccarat (baccarat rules) ?

This is the youtube popup when I search on Google "how to win baccarat", it guide you how to play baccarat and how to win. Check it out if you are interested learn how to play and win baccarat (Banker Player).


💡Tips: I personally don't play banker player, however some claim that baccarat is consider fair casino game, 50%:50% winning chance. Since is 50%:50%  to win in baccarat is totally depends on LUCK!

How to play online casino games in computer

Since most of the online casino game is mobile version for Android and iOS, if you like to play it on PC computer you can follow below video guide, actually this guide suitable for all Android version of online casino game, like play XE88 in PC, SCR888 in PC, 918KISS in PC, MEGA888 in PC, PUSSY8888 in PC, ACE333 in PC, SKY777 in PC, What you need is install Android emulator in your PC then install the game inside the emulator.



Connection problem ? Having problem connect to our website or games ? check this

If you are at oversea you need VPN (virtual private network) set it to local ip to access the game, because most of the online casino games geo-blocking, by using VPN to bypass geo blocking.

One setting you might consider (not necessary, only if you cannot access some websites)  in your LAN (local area network) router DNS (domain name system) ip to public DNS, to prevent local telco blocking, local telco such as TMNET will block some websites as request by MCMC due to some reasons. Beside bypass geoblocking, using public DNS will speed up your browsing speed, improve your security, get result you expected without redirect < claim by Google.

Why public DNS

Some good Public DNS :

Best free public DNS ip

Depends on your router brand setting DNS may minor different, usually is similar, this is the quick setup guide to change your default DNS to google puclic DNS for unifi Dlink router and TPlink router.

Unifi Dlink router change DNS

DLINK default router ship with TMNET UNIFI TMNET Unifi DNS setup

  1. Login to your router (or check your network gateway ip).
  2. Select the "Manual internet connection setup".
  3. Set the Primary DNS server and Secondary DNS server to one of the puclic DNS ip above, for this guide we set it to google public DNS (primary) and (secondary).
  4. Save and reboot the router. 
Unifi TPlink router setup DNS

TMNET uNIFI TPlink routerTMNET Unifi TPlink AC1200

TMNET Unifi AC1200 WAN setting TMNET UNIFI AC1200 DNS  settup

  1. Login to TP Link AC1200 .
  2. Go to NETWORK then WAN.
  3. In the primary and secondary DNS set it to and 
  4. Save and reboot router.

 💡Tips: Don't worry if you cannot access the router configuration page , you can set your computer TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 DNS in Windows network adapter setting, check the bottom part of the guide.

Using public DNS in Windows

Windows network connection details


TCP V4 properties in Windows 10


TCP v6 network adapter properties

  1. Right click on your right bottom (WIFI Icon), open network and internet setting.
  2. Select WI-FI , scroll down to related settings then select CHANGE ADAPTER OPTIONS
  3. Select the adapter (WI-FI), right click then select properties.
  4. Update the TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 DNS as above image.
Configure iOS WIFI DNS to public DNS




  1. Go to Settings, then WLAN, tap info 
  2. Scroll down to "Configure DNS" change Automatic to Manual
  3. Add server, for Google public DNS we add and
  4. Save.

  💡Note: you can change DNS for WIFI only, for mobile network you can use VPN. The above is for iOS 13.x.x.